Client Testimonials

“Your knowledge and rapport with customers is very encouraging and welcoming.This would have been much more difficult and cumbersome without RMC Franchise Connect. This is a great business model, and a service very much worth utilizing. RMC Connect takes the time to get to know you as a person and applies that knowledge to setting you on the path for a business that fits and for which you have a passion.”

Barbara T.

“I would like to start by saying that my experience with RMC Franchise Connect far exceeded my expectations, personally and professionally. Darian’s approach to helping me find a business was designed to understand what I wanted to be, not just what I wanted to do. The interview process/conversation left me with newly discovered insight of my own towards what direction I was looking to take with a new business venture. I was truly surprised by the results that were returned to me. Darian was so very insightful in his pairing of franchise opportunities with my personality that I actually had a difficult time narrowing down the field. Darian is an excellent consultant that delivers exactly what one is looking to have in a franchise. I would say, Darian Richardson and RMC Franchise Connect help to deliver a reality to what is someone’s dream”

Andy T.

“The professionalism he shows through his questions and his communication was excellent. It is the same kind of service you would hope to get in a “luxury” experience. He was really able to get to the heart of my core business values, lifestyle requirements and professional “fits”. I can sum it up in two words: “Darian listens”. For me, ultimately the value in working with Darian himself was that the process of exploring, researching and considering the purchase of a franchise has improved my understanding of myself as an entrepreneur. I felt like he wasn’t “trying to close the deal”, rather I felt like he was working for MY best interests. Entrepreneurs, small business owners or anyone who wants to control their own financial destiny should consider working with Darian. It opens doors for you.”


“RMC Franchise Connect impressed me as being highly professional, very responsive and sensitive to my business and personal needs, skilled in analyzing me as a business manager and entrepreneur in matching me with potential franchise candidates. I felt that I was in good hands, and trusted the observations and advice I received. My overall experience was highly positive.


Rather than dictating to me what they thought I should have (as potential franchises), they spent time listening to me-my business and personal history, my likes and dislikes in business, my personal and professional goals–and directed me toward franchises that clearly resonated with me when presented. I can’t offer higher praise than to say, I trust RMC Franchise Connect.”
Ken R.

“Darian is the best at what he does. For professionals who are looking to be their own boss and create their own destiny, RMC Franchise Connect is who you should turn to.”

Matt P.

“Darian is EXACTLY who you want to research and implement your new franchise. He has a tremendous work ethic and is an extra miler. I cannot say enough good things about him. If you are at all considering getting into business for yourself, you MUST sit down with RMC.”

Brennan S.

“The overall experience was just simply awesome from the beginning to the end. I felt like I had a friend looking out for my best interest. Darian first tried to get to know me a little better by asking me some questions instead of just recommending whichever franchise he was working with. Then, he came back twice with various franchises that he felt were right for me. I pursued two of his recommendations and finally decided to go with the one that I felt was right for me. During the entire process, he was right there whenever I had any questions and he provided very frank and candid feedback which was very helpful. ”

Peter H.

“I would definitely recommend RMC Franchise Connect to anyone who is considering purchasing a franchise. It can be a very daunting challenge when looking for a franchise that’s right for you, so why not go to an expert who has your best interest in mind. I really believe that by going through Franchise Connect the chances of my franchise succeeding have gone up exponentially.”

Ron C.

“Darian Richardson is extremely professional and personable to work with. He is also very knowledgeable of the Franchise industry and takes a consultative approach to best meet the needs and goals of each client. I have recommended RMC Franchise Connect to friends and family members in the past and will continue to do so in the future. RMC Franchise Connect is a great resource and delivers results!”

Erica D.

“Darian and I had a meeting that turned into me picking his very large brain about franchise opportunities. I loved both his enthusiasm and patience with my very early stage questions. I never felt “sold to” or pressured. He is a first class entrepreneur committed to helping other entrepreneurs.”

Kevin R.

“Darian is a real professional offering support to those seeking new business and employment opportunities.His patience and perseverance in helping others find the right fit for their personal situation is commendable.”

Ann S.

“Darian is extremely knowledgeable about the franchise industry and has a wealth of information to share with those considering starting a new business venture. His outgoing personality is a great fit for connecting investors to franchise opportunities and his past experience proves to be invaluable in driving his continued success with RMC Franchise Connect.”