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Araya Clean is the top tier provider of superior pressure washing services for your commercial, industrial or residential properties. We offer a complete line of pressure washing services to meet your building, facility, home or parking structure cleaning needs.

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Araya Clean Franchise Opportunity Logo

Araya Clean Franchise Opportunity LogoAraya Clean is the top tier provider of superior power washing services for commercial, industrial or residential properties. We offer a complete line of power washing services to meet any building, facility, home or parking structure cleaning need. Because of our EPA compliant proprietary equipment, cleaners and degreasers, we are able to provide environmentally responsible cleaning to a vast array of clientele. Our primary clients are commercial and industrial in nature which provides an opportunity for consistent, recurring revenue. Araya Clean is bringing a white collar approach to a traditionally blue collar, fragmented industry and the opportunities are endless.

This model is ideal for someone who wants to remain employed (by providing a designated manager) while ramping up a new business or for that person who is ready to dive full time into business ownership. With an investment level of about $80,000 and very low barriers to entry, franchisees have the ability to get up and running quickly. The corporate headquarters brings extensive franchise experience to this emerging brand and has built a comprehensive system complete with marketing, sales, operations, technology and equipment training and support. Araya Clean has local Regional Developers to further support and help franchisees grow their businesses.

A Full Region Of Opportunity

Araya Clean is a powerful franchise opportunity for both Regional Developer (masters) candidates and also single unit franchisee candidates. Launched in 2011, Araya Clean has available territory (for both Regional Developers and Single Units) all over the country.

The Araya Clean regional developer business model presents a unique opportunity to benefit from the creation and success of unit franchisees within a protected territory. When you purchase a region for your master franchise, you not only have the ability to expand Araya Clean within your territory, you have the potential to change the lives of aspiring business owners.

Araya Clean Franchise Opportunity LogoLocal Support for Unit Franchises

You will also serve an important role for the unit franchisees in your region. One of the big selling points for prospective franchise owners is the perk of having a local regional developer on which to rely. Many unit franchisees are first time business owners who have the drive to succeed but need help along the way. In addition to corporate support, having a coach and mentor in their backyard makes franchisees more confident. Through your support, franchisees will achieve their goals, driving revenue for themselves and for you.

Flexible and Highly Rewarding

The lifestyle of an Araya Clean Regional Developer is highly flexible and highly rewarding. While you will have a professional space to conduct meetings, you will also have the ability to run a virtual office, allowing you to determine your schedule. Instead of managing a team of employees, you will be working toward a common goal with single unit Araya Clean Franchisees.

Araya Clean Franchise Opportunity LogoEco-Friendly and EPA Compliant

Our power washing services help business owners, government agencies and home owners alike to keep a clean, well-kept and attractive exterior. Businesses are also concerned about staying compliant with EPA standards. For these businesses, Araya Clean is also the right choice. Many of our cleaning agents are non toxic and biodegradable, making them safe for the environment. We also practice water reclamation and reuse, thus reducing waste. Our proprietary equipment configuration includes a 5 stage reclamation and recycling unit that meets all EPA regulations, protecting Araya Clean clients from regulatory violations and fines.

Access to Power Washing Experts

Support from the Corporate Office is essential for any Regional Developer. From the moment you join our team, you will have access to experts in the power washing field. We provide initial training and ongoing support. Our staff can also help you to develop a sales strategy and identify high priority clients. We will also provide annual site visits and monthly calls with you.

As you continue to grow your reach within your region, you will continue to receive helping hands and sound advice about marketing to potential candidates, selling to your leads and starting up new franchisees.

Araya Clean Franchise Opportunity LogoServices

There is a tremendous need for power washing services such as washing sidewalks, parking garages, building facades, roofs, windows, concrete cleaning, masonry, oil and stain removal, graffiti removal, dumpsters, construction sites and equipment, industrial site cleanup, mold and mildew removal, driveways, de-greasing, gum removal, and decks, just to name a few.

The power washing industry is everywhere. Until now, this industry has been fragmented and run by fly by night companies which typically provide poor services due to lack of knowledge and short cuts in processes and procedures. Araya Clean franchisees are provided with a well organized business system (proven by our affiliate company over the last seven years) giving you the tools, equipment and strategy you need to provide a superior high quality service!


Araya Clean Franchise Opportunity

Established: 2003
First Unit Franchised: 2011
Franchised Units: 15
Company Owned Units: 0
States Registered In: All States. Domestic growth only.

Support & Training

Financial Assistance Provided: No
Site Selection Assistance: No
Lease Negotiation Assistance: No
Recruiting Assistance: Yes
Co-Operative Advertising: No Training:

  • Pre-training
    • Start-up coach
    • Start-up Checklist
  • Corporate training – 5 days at corporate training center (RD additional 3 days)
  • Operations manual – franchisee
  • RD manual and RD Sales manual
  • Web based, online management software
  • 2 day site visit
  • Help line
  • Marketing collateral and sales techniques
  • GPS tracking of equipment trailer
  • Regional meetings and visits by RD
  • Annual Franchise Meeting
  • Continual support by RD and corporate support team

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