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Anago is a premier commercial janitorial service company, operating 36 regional Master Franchise centers servicing more than Fifteen Hundred franchised Owner Operators as well as local and national clients.


Anago Cleaning Franchise
__Join one of Entrepreneur Magazine’s Top 50 Fasting Growing Franchises!

“Working for Yourself and Being Your Own Boss is The Only Way to Go.”

If you agree with this statement, you should find out more about owning your own Anago cleaning franchise. Your Anago franchise is all you need to be equipped, trained and in business, right away. Think about it – you’ll be in your OWN cleaning business, where you are the boss and you reap the rewards of ownership.

Anago is a premier commercial janitorial service company, operating 36 regional Master Franchise centers servicing more than Fifteen Hundred franchised Owner Operators as well as local and national clients.

Anago cleaning contracts number in the millions of square feet and services some of the most well known businesses from coast to coast. Our proven systematic cleaning techniques are innovative and we take pride in doing things “The Anago Way”. The Anago program offers high quality, innovative cleaning techniques, exceptional services and creative marketing strategies to position its Mater Franchise and Independent Owner Operators to become leaders in the janitorial service industry.

The good news is, with Anago, you can start your own business:

  • Without “breaking the bank”
  • Without having to learn a new profession
  • Without worrying “will it work?”

Anago offers multiple franchise programs, sized to fit any budget. All it takes is a minimum down payment and Anago will help you with the rest. From your very first day you will start to build equity ownership in YOUR BUSINESS. We invite you to find out more about the franchise opportunities Anago offers. Check us out and you’ll see Anago is “the only way to go.”

Franchise Programs – Starting your own business has never been easier!

The Master Franchise – Tremendous potential. Wide-open territories. Available now.

An Anago Master Franchisor is not in the cleaning business, they are in the franchising business. As an Anago Master Franchisor, you act as the regional sub-franchisor with exclusive rights to the Anago system in your territory. That is, you will sell, train and support sub-franchisees (or “unit franchisees”) in your region using our concept and method. A Master Franchisor is a highly regarded position as a white collar marketing executive.

__We provide you with everything you need:

  • Training at your new Anago office
  • Site selection assistance for your new office
  • Computer software and training
  • Telemarketing, sales and operations training
  • Intensive support during the start-up period

Sources of Revenue – Major sources of revenue for the Anago Master Franchisor

  • Franchise Fees – The Master Franchisor receives franchise fees from its unit franchise operators (also known as “sub-franchises”). These are paid with an initial down payment and the balance financed.
  • Monthly Royalty Fees – The Master Franchisor receives monthly royalty fees paid by the unit franchises. This is derived as a percentage of the work performed.
  • Commission Fees – The Master Franchisor receives commissions paid by unit franchises, when the unit franchise chooses to expand his or her business by accepting additional cleaning contracts sold by the Master Franchisor
  • Optional sources of revenue – equipment leases, insurance and bonding, cleaning supplies and more…

Unit Franchise Programs – How it Works

With Anago, you can start small (even part-time) with a modest cash down payment and finance the rest. Or jump right in at a higher level for greater revenue. Regardless of the entry level you choose. And you may step up to more accounts at any time.

How to Get Started
You can get in business for yourself and begin earning profits from Day One with Anago. How? Anago’s marketing team identifies companies in your area who need cleaning and signs them up for you. You perform the cleaning and begin earning income and equity right away.

Anago Cleaning Franchise Join A Winner
Anago has a proven franchise concept that is growing by leaps and bounds. A key factor in our growth and expansion is the high level of Computer & Internet we use. By harnessing the power of modern computers, we are able to take care of all the estimating and selling, clerical and billing tasks for you. But that’s not all – our advanced computer capabilities even allow our customers and franchisees to check their accounts on-line. Anago is the first and only janitorial franchise company to offer this service.

Anago is a 21st Century company, wired for the way business is done today. (Not every commercial cleaning franchise operator can say that!) More importantly, what this means to our franchisees is that our entire company operates with improved economy and efficiency making you more successful.


18 new Master Franchises were awarded in the past two years —
Don’t miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity!

We are the technology leaders of the commercial cleaning industry!



Anago Cleaning

  • Financial Assistance Provided: Yes
  • Site Selection Assistance: Yes
  • Lease Negotiation Assistance: Yes
  • Co-operative Advertising: No
  • Training: As An Anago Cleaning Systems Master Franchise Owner, you will be presented with initial and on-going training to assist you with the development of your business. Training on-site at your location will provide you with education in all aspects of your business, from finding an office location, book-keeping practices, and software systems, to hiring employees, selling franchises and servicing accounts. On-going training includes support visits from Anago Cleaning Systems executives, annual sales and administration meetings, webinars, and updates on the latest cleaning techniques, products and equipment available to maximize your business.

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